Yes, the Ol' Zig-Zag Still Works in Tecmo Bowl Throwback

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This interview with the producer of the upcoming Tecmo Bowl Throwback delivers tons of gameplay video and tells us what to expect from the game - although it still doesn't tell us when it will release.


Throwback will give you a 2D and a 2.5D/3Dish game mode, and it looks as though both play with high fidelity to what we all remember from the early 1990s Nintendo Entertainment System versions. That means your receiver can still zig-zag away from the diving tacklers from behind.

While the game doesn't feature any NFL licensing, interestingly, all the player stats are locked to the original version. That means that while the rosters are customizable and editable, don't go in there thinking you'll just change the name over to say, the Titans' Chris Johnson. The guy more likely performs like Lorenzo White.


Now, I don't know if that means the same playbooks from Tecmo Super Bowl will be in force. The game's changed a lot since 1991. But I will destroy everything on Earth with the run-and-shoot Houston Oilers, and if we're getting them reskinned in this game, that's a day MFing one purchase for me.

The extra-point, touchdown, jumping/diving catch cutscenes also come back, with special 3D animations for that game mode. You also get online multiplayer, which gives you everything except the ability to punch the other guy in the arm seven times when you score a touchdown.

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Does this mean that the house rules for No Raiders is still in effect then? I know that was the rule in my home anyways. It was fun to play a single non-season game with the Raiders though just to zig-zag Bo back and forth across the field till time was about to run out and score a touchdown.