Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are two of the most important video games ever made. Bundling the two together and remastering them should be cause for class and dignity, right?

A Swedish retailer has posted up what appears to be the box art for the now-confirmed collection (hardly the first time Webhallen has jumped the proverbial gun), and it's...exactly the same as that for the God of War Collection. For God of War, that kind of cover was fine. It's God of War, all it needed to do was say that and be done with it.

But Team Ico's games are a little more...snooty. A little more refined. They were crying out for a touch of Criterion Collection, something a little arty, a little abstract. Both game's original covers are memorable, particularly Ico's PAL version (which is pictured on the left), and to see them thrown together on something that looks like it should be $5 in a clearance bin at a post office is a crying shame.


Sony, we're happy you're going down this path of remastering and re-releasing old games, but in future - and if this is indeed the final art - can you do it with a little more class? These kind of things are for collectors and fans, not mums and dad's shopping in Toys R' Us.

We've asked Sony to confirm the art with us, and will update if we hear back.

UPDATE 1 - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe tell us "the artwork is certainly not from us".


UPDATE 2 - Sony today released the placeholder art below.