Swedish online store Webhallen.com briefly carried a listing for the Crysis 2 Nano Edition priced at the equivalent of nearly $200. What Crysis 2 swag could be worth that much?

German website PlayFront.De managed to snag a few pictures of the ultra-expensive edition before Webhallen took it down, and I have to say, that's one fancy looking nano-suit backpack. Measuring 46cm x 34cm (18 inches by 13 inches), the bag features a metallic spine similar to those found on the nano-suits in the game. It's definitely fancy, but not quite an extra $140 worth of fancy.
No, that's made up by the 7.9 inch-long Prophet statue, the 176-page art book, a SCAR hologram, something called a "Waffenskin SCAR - Camouflage," access to higher ranks and unlockable items, and a special steelbook case.


According to PlayFront.de, the price listed for the Nano Edition was the equivalent to €158, or $199. It's extremely fancy, very pricy, and of course, now it's gone from Webhallen.

I'm sure we'll see it again. That sort of special edition deserves its own press release, which I suspect might be coming sooner than originally planned.

Crysis 2: Limited Edition sighted [PlayFront.De via Digg]

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