Europe's Getting A "Best of Halo" Xbox 360 Bundle

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Halo Wars' attach rate should be comfortably boosted in Europe, thanks to a new bundle that Microsoft looks to be introducing in the continent. Swedish retailers are now listing a "Best of Halo" hardware release.


What, according to the box, comprises the "best" of the Halo franchise? Ensemble Studios' Halo Wars and Bungie's Halo 3, apparently. They'll be stuffed into the collector-friendly box — that we'll assume has greater color depth in person — that also contains an Xbox 360 "Pro" model, one wireless controller and "1 month Xbox Live Silver."

The next entry in a long line of European hardware bundle releases is priced at about $350 USD. No word yet on plans for this little package landing on other shores.

Xbox 360 Basenhet - Pro HDMI Version (Inkl. 60GB Hårddisk) - Best of Halo Edition [Webhallen via TeamXbox]


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"1 month Xbox Live Silver."

Wait what?