Regarding those Ultra Street Fighter IV problems, Capcom tells Kotaku that it is “working to resolve them as quickly as possible.” Read the full statement here.

Ultra Street Fighter IV has a "Select" mode, which lets you choose from any character across any version of the SFIV games. Balance be damned!

There's nothing more romantic than curling up with someone you love and watching Poison kicking ass in Ultra Street Fighter IV. And here I didn't get Capcom Japan anything. for Valentine's Day. I feel like such a heel. I should probably be punished.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is coming to consoles in June, PC three months later. A post on Capcom's Unity blog (via Event Hubs) reveals the ultimate version of SFIV will appear as a $15 update for the Xbox 360 and PS3 first, to ensure players have time with the game prior to EVO 2014 in July. The PC version will arrive