Until We Get A New Bloody Roar, Ultra Street Fighter IV Animal Costumes

It's been over 11 years since we last saw Hudson Soft's bestial battler series in action, and chances of a Bloody Roar revival are incredibly slim. Thank goodness Capcom is here to provide us our anthropomorphic fighter fix with a whopping nine packs of "Wild Costumes" for Ultra Street Fighter IV.


Sure, no one's transforming into a rabbit, bat or half-beast, but Juri the Cheetah, Rufus the Walrus and Dhalsim the Elephant have got to be worth something to Bloody Roar fans. Maybe something like $3.99 for nine packs of four costumes each?

It's kind of ridiculous to spend nearly $40 just to outfit your Street Fighter characters in animal costumes. That said, I fully plan on spending nearly $40 to outfit my Street Fighter characters in animal costumes. If I cannot be a champion, I shall at least be a peacock or a tiger.


These things should be available now, by the way.

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...M. Bison. Not a bison.