Watch Top Street Fighter IV Players Battle For The Capcom Cup

Illustration for article titled Watch Top iStreet Fighter IV/i Players Battle For The Capcom Cup

Technically they're battling for a portion of the $50,000 pot up for grabs in the grand finals of the Capcom Pro Tour circuit, but I'm sure the cup is lovely. Let's see which of the 16 competitors takes it home.

The show's already started, with a demonstration of the wacky changes coming in the Omega Mode update, arriving as a free download on Monday, December 15. Now it's time to watch some top-tier street fighting.

Check out the official page for bracket info. Here's the schedule (times are Pacific):

10:30 AMDoors Open
11:30 AMOpening Ceremony
12:00 PMUSFIV Omega Mode Exhibition
12:30 PMUSFIV Tournament
3:00 PMHalftime Show
3:30 PMUSFIV Tournament Resumes
7:00 PMAwards Ceremony
7:15 PMSpecial Announcements

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Screw the tourney, I just want more details on SF5.

Also, how do these players get to practice anyway? Does Capcom send them debug/devkit consoles (which I assume are also used here) or something?

EDIT: At the time of this post, it's 6:15 PM, yet there is a band playing, which since the schedule failed to list the time zone, should've happened 3 hours ago.