Ultra Street Fighter IV Is Kinda Broken on PS4 [Update]

Bugs, glitches, lag. You name it, and people are reporting that Ultra Street Fighter IV’s PS4 port has it.


Update: Capcom issued the following statement to Kotaku:

We are aware that some users are experiencing problems with the PS4 version of USFIV, which is published and developed by SCEA’s Third Party Production group. SCEA and Capcom are currently looking into the issues that some users may be experiencing and are working to resolve them as quickly as possible. We will continue to provide updates on our progress.

The integrity of the Capcom Pro Tour is a top priority for us and we will continue to work with tournament organizers worldwide to ensure that the highest quality event will be run. Each region will maintain its current hardware standard for the remainder of the 2015 Capcom Pro Tour until otherwise announced. We will keep you updated as to when the PS4 version of USFIV will be integrated into the Pro Tour.

Last year, Ultra Street Fighter IV was released in arcades as well as on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. This week, the PS4 port hit, and boy, does it appear to have problems.

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There are smaller issues, such as the main screen saying “Press Start” when, you know, the DualShock 4 doesn’t actually have a Start Button.


Then, the game’s interface seems to suffer from lag:


This port needs a patch and quick.

To make things even worse, Ultra Street Fighter IV will be played at the upcoming Evo 2015 in July.


And add in reports that moves feel off and characters are even nerfed:

Sound bugs. Ungh.

There are visual bugs and glitches:

Capcom has not yet responded to requests for comment.

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Total shit, and entirely unacceptable. Capcom need to be slammed for this, and Sony should bare some of the brunt for allowing it through their approval.

It certainly doesn’t set a good example for the upcoming exclusive for Street Fighter V.

You could blame the company that ported it, but ultimately, Capcom signed off on this and Sony approved it.