12:51 PM

The Division 2 team has now confirmed that killing animals is not supposed to yield special ammunition; it’s “a bug that [they] are actively working on a fix for.” But, until then: animals of The Division 2, watch out!

5:57 PM

Ubisoft Massive has shared yet more information about updates coming to The Division. This time they’re talking about the 1.6 update, which will accompany the next expansion. It’ll increase the size of the Dark Zone, add a new difficulty level, and more.

6:42 PM

Ubisoft Massive has shared a bunch of new details about The Division’s upcoming Last Stand expansion, which adds a structured new PvP game mode to the Dark Zone. They’ll be announcing a simultaneous release date for all platforms “soon,” and season pass holders will get to test it out early on a public test server.

11:15 AM

The Division’s terrific $15 Survival expansion is now available on PS4. It’s been out for PC and Xbox One for a month, and we really like it. Read our Xbox One impressions for a breakdown of how it transforms the game.

12:15 PM

As they did last summer, the makers of The Division are inviting fans to provide in-person feedback regarding some changes to the game. This time, they’re flying fans to Red Storm in North Carolina this January in preparation for changes to The Division’s most controversial component: The Dark Zone. More info here.

12:50 PM

A lengthy new blog post from the developers of The Division outlines major changes being made to character stats, skills and gear as part of the big October 1.4 patch that’s intended to make the endgame fun. The update, including big changes being made to popular skills like Smart Cover, will be playable on a public Read more

2:25 PM

The Division’s Underground DLC is now out on PS4. If you’re having trouble accessing it, the Division subreddit has a post rounding up known issues and fixes. Go forth into the subway tunnels, PS4 players, and shoot lots of dudes.