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May 14 2018

Scoundrel is a side-scrolling roguelite mashed up with Thief-style skulduggery. It’s a “pure stealth” game in which you lighten showy Lords’ too-heavy pockets while avoiding guards, traps, and civilians. There are classes and character progression, but if you die, it’s back to square one. It’ll be out on PC this year.

Aug 12 2015

The Thief Gold HD Texture Mod has hit version 1.0 after a couple years’ development, turning Looking Glass Studios’ 15+ year old stealth-em-up a lot... well, I wouldn’t say prettier, ‘cause Thief’s universe is hardly pretty. But still, those are some impressive visuals. Might try this on my next playthrough.

Jul 9 2014

The Tracking Board reports that a Thief movie, based on the universe of the original Thief trilogy (ie. not this year’s reboot), is in the works. Vertigo, known for The Lego Movie, and Prime Universe, which produced 2007’s Hitman, are collaborating on the project. (via Kotaku UK)

Feb 28 2014

Thief's first PC patch is out now. It's supposed to fix some crash issues and optimize memory usage. If you've been playing on PC, has the game been working all right for you?

Feb 20 2014

Thief comes out next week. No idea who that guy in the thumbnail is... This new trailer shows a bit more about the new adventure that Garrett will get caught up in, with heavy occult overtones and some glimpses of the environmental puzzles players will have to navigate.

Feb 15 2014

Here's a start-to-finish look at the first mission in Thief, 10 days away from its Feb. 25 launch. Garrett's trying to make his way back to his hideout during "Lockdown," when, well, opportunities arise, as they usually do.

Feb 4 2014

Here's a new Thief trailer that shows the why, how and what you'll be breaking into and sneaking out of. It'll be out Feb. 28 25 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.