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Sep 8 2016

Sony’s announcement of HDR support for the original PS4 yesterday even surprised some developers. The team behind The Witness didn’t know it was coming, as they explain in a post about PS4 Pro upgrades coming to the game.

Aug 23 2016

The Witness is coming to Xbox One, Jonathan Blow revealed to IGN earlier today. Blow and his team aim for a September 13th release date. An iOS version is also in development.

Jun 3 2016

Someone made an NES version of The Witness, and it looks wonderful. Check it out right here. (You’ll need an emulator to play.)

Jan 19 2016

Jonathan Blow’s next puzzle game, The Witness, arrives January 26, and he’s announced it’ll cost you $40 on PS4 and PC. While a game’s pricing is not usually noteworthy—and Blow has been raising expectations on The Witness for a while now—I suspect this may come as a surprise for some people. Heads up!