The Witness' Lead Designer Tries To Race Through 'The Challenge'

A full one hour and 30 seconds into this Giant Bomb video of Witness lead designer Jonathan Blow playing and talking about his team’s new game, he takes on The Challenge. That’s the hardest puzzle in the game.


He struggles, probably because it’s not as easy when people are watching.

It’s still illuminating to watch him play. Can he do it or does he crack under pressure? You’ll see...


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I saw that after taking a week break from the Challenge. I thought, “Oh, he messed up several times and still had some seconds to spare. I can do this.”

I tried for an hour and the best I could do was getting to the second maze puzzle.

It looks like Blow has all the time in the world, and then when I play, it’s “Mountain King is playing already?! I’m not even past the third part!”