Look At What The Witness Made Me Do

Do you see this? This is what madness looks like. Thank you, The Witness, for driving me truly insane.

Pictured above is my notebook, covered with shapes I cut out last night while trying to solve a particularly gruesome late-game puzzle in Jonathan Blow’s new game, which came out last month for PC and PS4. The Witness, as you may know, tasks you with solving a series of increasingly difficult line puzzles whose rules change and evolve as you play. I won’t spoil this one, but it was... hard.


What’s incredible about The Witness, I think, isn’t just that it asked me to cut out shapes to solve its challenges. What’s incredible about The Witness is that it’s actually convinced me that cutting out shapes is a worthwhile use of my time. Powering my way through Blow’s puzzles has become a nightly habit over the past few weeks, and somehow, it never stops feeling rewarding.

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