Look At What The Witness Made Me Do

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Do you see this? This is what madness looks like. Thank you, The Witness, for driving me truly insane.


Pictured above is my notebook, covered with shapes I cut out last night while trying to solve a particularly gruesome late-game puzzle in Jonathan Blow’s new game, which came out last month for PC and PS4. The Witness, as you may know, tasks you with solving a series of increasingly difficult line puzzles whose rules change and evolve as you play. I won’t spoil this one, but it was... hard.

What’s incredible about The Witness, I think, isn’t just that it asked me to cut out shapes to solve its challenges. What’s incredible about The Witness is that it’s actually convinced me that cutting out shapes is a worthwhile use of my time. Powering my way through Blow’s puzzles has become a nightly habit over the past few weeks, and somehow, it never stops feeling rewarding.


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I got frustrated in The Keep part, and put the game off for a week. Came back, figured out the second puzzle on the top of the tower and... it did nothing. I already set the laser in motion with the other puzzle! *rage*

But seriously, I love that the game drives us to this. I’ve written things down and taken pictures with my phone already. Last game to do this was Fez.