Double Dragon II, City Connection, and Volleyball are this month’s NES games being added to Switch Online on June 12. Nothing we haven’t seen on Virtual Console in the past, although playing the two-player Double Dragon II online sounds like fun.

Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby’s Adventure are coming to Switch Online on February 13, Nintendo said today. Get ready to tear up some turnips. The Japanese NES app will get these two games and also Tsuppari Oozumo, a sumo game made by Tecmo.

You can download the Famicom versions of Switch Online’s NES games from the Japanese eShop using a fake Japanese Nintendo Account. There aren’t many differences in most cases but it’s still pretty neat. Plus the Famicom box art is way cooler, and in the future Japan might get different games.

PSA: Switch Online doesn’t create backup saves for games automatically. You have to manually initiate the process by either loading the game or going into its settings by hovering over top of its icon and clicking “+”. Only afterward doing that will the backup saves stay updated automatically.