Apr 13

Side-scrolling crafting game Terraria is getting its final update May 16 on PC. Originally released in 2011, the 2D take on Minecraft has received tons of updates and ported to just about every platform. Titled Journey’s End, the final update will add a bunch of new items, characters, and mini-biomes.

Apr 18 2014

That's one hell of a Terraria castle. It took Torikishi, the creator, 3 months to complete this fancy pixelated home, and he really has built everything you need for a villa by the sea. Even an underground cave with a ghost ship inside.

Apr 17 2014

Dust off your copy of Terraria, console gamers, 'cause the massive 1.2 update for the game's Vita, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions lands today. The change notes for the free patch are here; it's quite the read. This brings the console versions in line with Terraria's PC version, which got the same update last October.