The Infinite Sadness That Comes When the Game Updates End

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Recently the developers of the procedural PC playground game Terraria announced that updates for the game would be ending. It was a crushing blow to commenter Jezuz. Share his desolation in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.


I'm... I'm not sure why, but after finding out (quite late, at that), that the developer of Terraria was no longer going to release any more updates, I started crying heavily for about 10-15 minutes.

Two things need clearing up here.

I'm not a mega-Terraria fan, it's just one of those 'I play it once and awhile for about a week non-stop and love every second of it then wait for a big update to come out' type of games for me.

And secondly, I cried. Not just, crying, I felt true dysphoria over it, to the point that water streamed from my eyes for multiple minutes of time.

I was, an am, just... sad. I had hoped the game would keep expanding, keep going, keep releasing new iterations... But, this is showing a deeper point of these 'new age' PC games. The procedurally generated worlds that these games sit in, perhaps make us feel like these developers are perpetually going to proceed in generating new worlds and content for us.

How sad to think that Minecraft some day will be nothing but solid code, never being touched by the original creators for anything more than fond memories. How sad to think that Terraria's code is now... solid. It's no longer content fluid, it is a solid game. We paid for it, and it is now... a game that is complete.

Odd that something so basic, can be so cripplingly sad if you've never thought of it before. If you'll excuse me, I need to compose myself before I go and... Sit here for a few more hours.


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I've actually been avoiding Minecraft because so many of the updates require a new world to see some of the new features, meaning the worlds I've put so much work into will never see some features (like jungles). I'm forced to choose between starting a new world or continuing in an incomplete world.

I know there are tools to move stuff over, but those tools don't work with the newest version of Minecraft, since a new world format was introduced which generates certain content and saves some information very differently.

I actually kind of wish Minecraft would stop updating so that I can actually feel safe investing time in a world.