Terraria's 1.2 PC Update Is Coming In July, Has A Rocket Launcher

Re-Logic has uploaded a preview for the long-awaited 1.2 update for the PC version of their side-scrolling sandbox, Terraria. They also revealed that they're "aiming for a July release." The Terraria Wiki has a list of what this new update, which was first hinted at in January, might bring. [via PC Gamer]

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Much as I loved (and still love) Terraria, I am 1) extremely bitter about the whole silence on PC updates, giving all indications that they were 'done' with Terraria (after promising over and over that it would receive updates for a long time coming, a la Minecraft), and then announcing that it would come to consoles (with more features than PC) after they were 'done' with it, and 2) waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more excited for Starbound at this point, which is basically Terraria in space with 8 billion more features, and spaceships. Don't get me wrong, I'm really happy about them deciding to update it for PC, and I will almost certainly play it, but they went about it all wrong.