Jul 18 2014

John Romero Tweeted that he visited Id Software today. He's in Dallas for Quakecon. No word on what he was doing at the studio he co-founded, but hopefully they're letting him play some of the new Doom. Romero co-created the original Doom and Quake before leaving id in 1996.

Jan 30 2014

QuakeCon is moving to July this year—Bethesda's annual convention, usually held in August, will instead take place from July 17-20 in Dallas. No word on whether Doom creator John Carmack, usually the premiere speaker, will be on stage now that he no longer works for Id.

Aug 1 2013

QuakeCon 2013 begins today in Dallas, TX. John Carmack will be back on stage with a keynote presentation at 5:30pm eastern time that we'll have streaming live on Kotaku for you. Hang tight.