How The Elder Scrolls Online Plans To Dole Out Justice To Its Players

During the "Future of Elder Scrolls Online" panel at Quakecon this weekend, Zenimax Online Studios explained how it plans on bringing wholesome thievery, mass murder and retribution to its massively multiplayer online world.


The lack of a justice system has been a point of contention among ESO players since the game launched, with some arguing that not being able to steal from or murder NPCs is too far removed from the traditional Elder Scrolls experience, while others contend that's just the sort of differentiation the game needs to set it apart.

Judging by the video above, courtesy of Dulfy (via Polygon), Zenimax Online Studios considers killing them all and letting the players figure it out a viable solution.


Commit crimes in The Elder Scrolls Online and get caught, and you'll need to pay a fine or run for your life. Should you manage to escape, you'll be traveling with a bounty on your head — a bounty justice-minded players can collect.

This could be a clever solution, enabling crime while simultaneously keeping it in check. Conversely, it could be a nightmare, leading to bands of dark-minded players roaming the countryside, slaughtering any NPC in their path. The one sure thing is it'll be fun to watch when it all goes down.

The folks over at Dulfy have compiled a massive list of the changes detailed during the Quakecon panel, with Zenimax addressing everything from facial animations to end game advancement in an attempt to make everyone happy all at once.

ESO Quakecon The Future of ESO Panel Notes [Dulfy]

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Mister McGibblets

Did you ever end up doing a review of ESO? I saw that steam has it 50% off now. Worth it?