This year's QuakeCon kicked off yesterday, not just with John Carmack's annual marathon keynote, but with some skillful Quake III duels.


In the finals of the winners' bracket, two American gaming veterans, SK's rapha and Evil Geniuses' DaHanG, played a best-of-three on three different maps (dm13 never gets old!). They showed off some serious mind games and skill. We've got all three matches for you to watch here. The grand finals will happen later this weekend.


Quake III is almost as old as eSports itself, so the fact that it's still alive—this weekend will be full of Quake madness—and evolves is just amazing. I can't get enough of these super-precise railgun kills!

QuakeCon 2013 (WB) Final Rapha vs DaHanG [YouTube, neoQLive]

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