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Mar 11 2015

Sony Japan announced today it's ending the PlayStation Mobile service. After July 15, no new paid content will be added to the store, and after September 10, you won't be able to re-download any purchases. No word yet on how this impacts the service outside Japan.

May 7 2014

If anyone can make indie games, then where are the Black and Latino people? Developer Shawn Allen—one of the relative few people of color independently spearheading the creation of their own games—gave a talk at New York University's Game Center that looks at the dearth of diversity in the video game creator talent

Jul 3 2013

According to a Famitsu leak, Tokyo Jungle is apparently headed to PlayStation Mobile for Android, complete with a new overhead view. Reportedly, it will be out July 10 and will initially be priced at 300 yen in Japan.