A fond farewell

PlayStation Mobile is like your dear old granddad. Maybe you didn’t see him that often, and you couldn’t always understand him, but you’ll never forget the time he gave you a hundred bucks to buy that 10-speed bike. So thanks PSM; we’ll miss you. You helped to make us who we are today.


With that, here’s my personal list of the PSM games you should buy before the platform goes away forever on July 15th. Keep in mind, to get PSM games you have to go into the Vita store (you can’t get them on the web!), and click the PlayStation Mobile tab, not the games one. Full disclaimer – I’m definitely including our games in this list!

Oh, Deer! Alpha – a superscaler pseudo 3D driving game about hitting deer (or not hitting them, as you like) with your station wagon. [Disclaimer: this is one of our games.]


Gunhouse – a puzzle/tower defense hybrid about protecting your precious orphans from alien invaders. [Disclaimer: this is one of our games.]

Rodem the Wild – unique graphics make this game about being a wild dog extremely charming.


10x8 – a cool PSM-only puzzle game where you can be a muscle princess.

Fleet Connection – a Japanese space tactics game with anime undertones.

Rymdkapsel – very minimal RTS with annoyingly dumb units, but a very fun premise.


Tokyo Jungle Mobile – Tokyo Jungle Tactics!!!

Curse of the Crescent Isle DX – Monster Lair style game with a great flare to it.


Tuffy – a weirdly obtuse control system which has you moving a corgi through a tower of bones.

Yu-Nama the Puzzle – It’s that “Badman” series, in puzzle game form.

Ambition of the Slimes – tactics game in which you play as human-controlling slimes.


Shuttle Quest 2000 – Game Boy graphics in a shooter/RPG hybrid.

Adventure Bar Labyrinth – JRPG with nice pixel art.

Brandon Sheffeld is the director of Necrosoft Games. He likes the PC Engine, the Saturn, and 70s Vietnamese rock music. You can follow him on Twitter here and his company Necrosoft Games here.