Originally, the Wikipad—an Android tablet with a custom controller dock—was supposed to come out last Halloween. But October 31st came and went with no Wikipads in any store anywhere. But the hybrid portable is alive and will be showing up in a smaller, less expensive form this spring.

The Wikipad coming in a few months is a 7-inch model, not the 10-inch one I tested out a few months ago. That larger version was due to debut at $499, but the new re-sized one will be coming out at $249. The company says that feedback about the price led them to rethink their rollout strategy but that the specs inside the smaller Wikipad are the same as the former 10-inch. A bigger version is still coming but specifics are still up in the air.


Games for the device will becoming from the Google Play, PlayStation Mobile and Nvidia TegraZone storefronts. Specs for the 7-inch Wikipad are as follows:

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