PlayStation Mobile Launches Today with 21 Exciting Games for Vita and PS-Certified Devices

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Sony's mobile gaming push goes live today, making the PlayStation Vita much more attractive and justifying the purchase of PlayStation Certified Android devices with 21 bite-sized games. Let's see what's in store!

Rolling out across Japan, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia today, PlayStation Mobile is a platform that brings the sort of games you'd find on the iPhone to the Vita. For PS-Certified Android device owners (see here for a list of devices) it's an infusion of fresh material such as Super Crate Box, Samurai Beatdown and FuturLabs' Beats Slider — fun, quirky and musical goodness.


Want a full list? Here we go.

Super Crate BoxVlambeer
Twist PilotCrash Lab
RebelPomPom Software
Fuel TiracasFuturLab
Aqua Kitty – Milk Mine DefenderTikipod
UnderlineAlbino Pixel
Samurai BeatdownBeatnik Games
Beats SliderFuturLab
Hungry GiraffeLaughing Jackal
Tractor TrailsOrigin8
Word BlockedQuirkat
Flick HockeySpinning Head
Beats TrellisSony Computer Entertainment Europe Inc.
NyoqixZener Works
Magic ArrowsHamster Corporation
Everybody's ArcadeSony Computer Entertainment Inc.
NumblastSony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Loot the LandPlayerthree
Frederic – Resurrection of MusicForever Entertainment

Once purchased each game can be installed on up to three devices. Vita owners will find a PlayStation Mobile tab in the PlayStation Store. Certified device owners will need to download a free dedicated PlayStation Mobile for Android app.

I've got an Xperia phone on loan, so as soon as I can grab the app I'll be poking about to see what's what in PlayStation Mobile.


Welcome To PlayStation Mobile [PlayStation Blog Europe]

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