While the majority of the 20 or so titles launching tomorrow for the PlayStation Mobile platform on Android and PlayStation Vita remain up in the air, the ones I know for certain — Eufloria and this, Beatnik Games' side-scrolling rhythm action game Samurai Beatdown — are certainly worth the price of admission.

I'm a huge fan of putting any sort of action to a beat, and that's what Samurai Beatdown does. It's like a sequence ripped out of the hip hop-heavy anime Samurai Champloo, marrying beats with sword slices. Each level has its own song and feel.


In the announcement for Samurai Beatdown, Beatnik managing director Sherif Aziz does shed a little light on PlayStation Mobile, mentioning that the platform allows developers to update when and how they please, and explained why he was excited about PSM.

I think the market for PlayStation Mobile is very exciting. The nature of the devices supported (finally we have buttons - Vita and Xperia Play) I feel we could make some very interesting and cool games people will really enjoy on mobile devices (I loved Super Crate Box but I cringed when I played on the iPhone – however I think PlayStation Mobile is an ideal platform).

Funny, one of the reasons I'm excited about PSM is Samurai Beatdown.


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