7:15 PM

Switch’s Panzer Dragoon: Remake just got a long-awaited patch that seeks to fix key issues that’ve plagued it since launch. Easier aiming, faster turning, a 60 fps mode, gyro controls, the list goes on. Full details on Twitter. Pity that it launched in such a state, but glad the devs are trying to make good.

8:55 AM

Japan is getting a Panzer Dragoon game tentatively titled Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record sometime in the next year. Interestingly, it’ll be a VR game that retells the story of the original three Panzer Dragoon games from the Sega Saturn. It’ll be separate from the remakes that are coming to the Switch.

6:16 PM

From the Panzer Dragoon GDC panel, here’s a look at the motion capture sessions from the 1998 Sega Saturn game Panzer Dragoon Saga. Note the actor riding a budget “dragon” made out of plastic beer crates. 

10:45 AM

Fans of Sega’s dragon-riding rail shooter series rejoice, for developer Forever Entertainment SA is remaking Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon II Zwei. Both Saturn classics will be updated with modern graphics and gameplay, while keeping the storyline intact. Look for the first remake by the end of 2019 on as of yet