Sega’s ill-fated Saturn console is much more loved today than it was when it was released in 1994. Game collectors prize the exclusive rarities in its library. But collecting it can be a total nightmare.

Good news: It’s a new episode of Complete In Box, our series in which we look back at classic games through the lens of all the stuff they came with—the box, the manual, or in the case of Sega Saturn games, their incredibly fragile, oversized plastic jewel cases.


Bad news: It’s the series finale of Complete In Box, as I am leaving Kotaku today. Thanks to all of you who supported this series, and my work here, for the last few years. It’s been a pleasure getting to talk about old video games with you.

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I had a local shop that had stacks of Saturn and 32X games that just sat around forever, never able to sell. He eventually dropped the price on them to nothing and they were bought up. Wish I would have had the foresight that they would go up so much in price. This was early 2000's and no one in my little town wanted that stuff at the time. Same goes for Game Cube games. Can’t believe how much they have gone up in price lately.