Nov 9 2017

Nihon Falcom has announced that the latest entry in the The Legend of Heroes series is planned for the PlayStation 4. Moreover, the first and second Legend of Heroes games will also get PS4 releases. These were announced in the company’s September 2018 plans. 

Sep 11 2017

The PC version of Ys VIII: The Lacrimosa of Dana has been delayed. Originally due out tomorrow alongside the excellent Playstation 4 and Vita versions, NIS America says the PC release is on hold due to “continued efforts to improve gameplay quality.” No new date was given.  

Sep 20 2013

As we wait for Trails in the Sky's new chapter to drop, Japan is getting ready for a new Legend of Heroes RPG of its own. Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash chronologically takes place before Trails in the Sky, during the oft-referenced Great War. It is set to hit the PS3 and Vita in Japan on September 26.