Today Nightdive Studios released the source port update for System Shock: Enhanced Edition on PC. Not to be confused with the full remake the studio is working on, the update does things like add higher resolution options and mod support for the existing version, while also fixing many of its bugs. 

Did you know that Forsaken is getting a remastered PC release on July 31? I’ll bet you didn’t. Nightdive Studios, currently working on remastering System Shock, appears to be looking for some extra cash by reviving the 1998 dystopic shooter few remember beyond its haunting box art. 2018 continues to amaze.

Following up on its remaster of the original Turok last year, Nightdive Studios is releasing the remastered Turok 2: Seeds of Evil for PC on March 16, with new enemies, weapons, levels and an online multiplayer mode. Prepare to be Cerebral Bored out of your skull.