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May 21

Grand Marshall of the Hot Girl Summer and noted anime enthusiast Megan Thee’ Stallion released the hotly anticipated music video for her viral hit “Savage”. The video is like if Vocaloid, Cyberpunk 2077, and Aeon Flux all got together and had a baby in Second Life—but, thankfully, with way more black people.

Nov 14

J-pop legends Sheena Ringo and Hikaru Utada have collaborated once again on a new song that 1. is awesome, and 2. has a music video featuring a futuristic tabletop version of Tetris. I wish it were real so I could play it with Paul Tamayo (who would destroy me).

Oct 4 2017

This is an officially licensed song about the Pokémon Ditto, and it’s really adorable. It’s basically about how Dittos love to play pranks on each other and also are apparently pretty bad at keeping their shit together. I can definitely relate.

Jan 27 2016

Def Leppard’s latest music video makes its debut in Guitar Hero Live, because there just aren’t many places to debut a music video anymore. “Dangerous” joins “Let’s Go” and “Rock of Ages” as part of the “Def Leppard: Through The Ages” premium show.