To Fight a Dragon, All You Need is Epic Violin Music

Lindsey Stirling is here to answer the age-old question—who'd win a fight, a magic-wielding violinist or a huge dragon? I'm sure someone's asked that before.


Stirling's latest video is a tribute to Bioware's Dragon Age, and she's teamed up with the Los Angeles-based Everdream digital studio to create it. This resulted in some very cool-looking CG that complements Stirling's rendition of the Dragon Age: Inquisition theme very well. Have a looksie:

Damn, that last shot is something else.

Lindsey Stirling - Dragon Age [lindseystomp@YouTube, thanks Jason!]

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Greg the Mad

Something tells me that you can't play as a bard in DA:I, and this greatly pisses me off. Mainly because this video implies you can.

Just like shapeshifters are bards a greatly underused class/profession in RPGs.