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Music Video Recreates The Booze-Induced Haze Of Leisure Suit Larry

Leisure Suit Larry may not have exactly stood the test of time in terms of sheer staying power, but the series of famously salacious adventure games will always be remembered fondly for being some of the first major titles to broach topics like sex and human intimacy on their own sloppy terms. Norwegian DJ Todd Terje captures Larry's sense of hazy sex-crazed desperation in the new music video for his song "Leisure Suit Preben," which Noisey describes as "an exploration in subjectivity and a clever way to represent what it's like to feel really drunk."


As writer Brandon Soderberg astutely observes, the Terje's video pays a loving tribute to Larry's inebriated side-scrolling romps through darkened city streets. I mean, just look at a gameplay video from the original Leisure Suit Larry game, The Land of the Lounge Lizards:

"All of the video game logic approximating background trickery in 'Leisure Suit Preben,' is a pretty accurate visual representation of being too fucked up, where movement seems goopy and confused," he adds. Pretty much!


-via Noisey

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Gaseous Clay

todd terje is a boss. just look at that moustache