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Mar 5 2019

Mars arrives in Dota 2 today adding another ancient god to the game’s existing pool of over 100 heroes. The melee carry has a giant shield that decreases damage he receives from the front and sides and has a bunch of crowd-control abilities that should make him fun to play.

Feb 13 2019

One of the most popular mobile multiplayer arena games is now on PC. Super Evil Mega Corp’s Vainglory is now on Steam, free-to-play with cross-platform play with the mobile version. Time to show those tablet touchers how it’s done. 

Jun 22 2017

Currently in open beta, Motiga’s animal-powered action hero shooter Gigantic officially launches on PC and Xbox One on July 20. Interested parties can pick up founder’s packs for the free-to-play game for $29.99 at its official website.