May 30

The first DLC for Minecraft Dungeons will be released in July and will add new missions, weapons, and a jungle area. Mojang also revealed a second DLC called “Creeping Winter” will be released later this year and that crossplay is coming in a free update, though no release date was given.

Mar 31

Minecraft Dungeons will come out May 26 on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC. The blocky dungeon crawler was originally set to arrive sometime next month. While the game won’t launch with cross-play Microsoft said it’s working to add it in a future update. 

Jun 12 2019

Minecraft Dungeons has no Minecraft-style building. It’s a loot-filled dungeon crawler for up to four players with all sorts of Minecraft characters. Players can equip and enchant a wide array of outfits, armor, and gear. It’s pretty, and was fun to romp through here at E3 in that Lego game kind of way. Coming to Xbox