If you’ve played Heroes of the Storm, you’ve probably found yourself wondering if there’s a way to predict when and where tributes appear in the “Cursed Hollow” map. HOTS player and Reddit user Stumpaxe made a very handy guide explaining how the tribute spawning system works in the level. Check it out on imgur.

Killzone Shadow Fall's first multiplayer expansion detailed, two free multiplayer maps released. Coming in April, The Insurgency Pack adds the Insurgent class, along with new weapons, abilities, and Elite Mode difficulty for single player. The Cruiser and Hangar multiplayer maps are available free today. Check out the

Shadows? Check. Falling? Check. Over on the PlayStation Blog, Sony has unveiled two free multiplayer maps coming soon to PlayStation 4 shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall. The Cruiser and Hangar maps should tide players over until the first paid expansion pack DLC arrives.