Remember SimCity 2000? It was my go-to game in computer class back in middle school‚ÄĒand this is that it had nothing to do with another love at the time, Pok√©mon. Who knows how obsessed I'd be with SimCity if it had anything to do with Pok√©mon?

The map above‚ÄĒwhich you can't appreciate unless you see at its full size/detail, by clicking on 'expand'‚ÄĒwas created by Redditor 666am. It's a recreation of Kanto, the the region we get to play back in Pok√©mon Red & Blue. Neat, right? 666am combined both the anime map and the Gameboy map. Here's a take on the original map, courtesy of Bulbapedia, for comparison's sake‚ÄĒobviously the angle is different:

You can even download the SimCity map yourself, if you'd like. Or perhaps Kanto recreated in Minecraft is more your jam?