Firewatch is a very lonely video game, but that doesn’t mean you have to play it alone. Developer Camp Santo has released printable versions of the game’s Two Forks Region Overview map so you can bring a navigator along for the ride.

The two maps, one textured and one plain, were posted in response to player requests for a real-world navigation aid to use while playing the game. Rather than bringing up the in-game map to determine your position in the twisting canyons, caves and forests of Two Forks, turn off the ‘You Are Here’ dot in options and hand off map reading and marking duties to a friend.


Worried that having someone in the same room with you might break the solitary atmosphere of the game’s journey? Pick up some cheap walkie-talkies and place your friend in another room, or stream the game and have your partner guide you via Twitch chat or Skype.

Hit up the developer blog for high quality versions of the maps.

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