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Jun 9

The lovely indie JRPG CrossCode is finally coming to consoles on July 9. That means if you, like I, have been waiting for the Switch version to finally dig into the game about playing MMOs, there’s only one more month to go. 

Aug 6 2019

Grandia HD Collection, featuring the first two games in the series, is coming to Switch August 16. It’s the first time both games will appear on a Nintendo console. If you don’t have a Switch or can’t stand to wait another week an HD version of Grandia II is currently on Steam.

Jun 10 2019

Now that the PlayStation 4 versions of the first two games are out, it’s time for part three. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III for the PlayStation 4 comes to North America on September 24, Europe on September 27 and Australia October 4. Hopefully I’ll finish the rest of the series by then.