Microsoft Stores Becoming Competitive Multiplayer Hubs for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Launch

If you're like me, you've yet to step into one of Microsoft's fine, fine retail emporiums. Nothing against ‚Äėem, it's just that you can get everything online nowadays. Pizza. Liquid refreshment. That goes from online competition, too, but, Microsoft's going to be stocking its stores full of all three to commemorate‚Ķ

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Launch Trailer Shows Off Updated Graphics for Master Chief’s Birthday Party

This new clip for the 10 anniversary re-mastering of the first Halo game takes a narrative approach to the lore of the sci-fi shooter series. The decades-long war with the alien Covenant collective has humanity pushed to the brink of total defeat and you‚ÄĒyes, you, the guy controlling the last of the Spartans‚ÄĒare the‚Ķ