Microsoft's E3 2011 Website Outs Halo 4 and More

Illustration for article titled Microsofts E3 2011 Website Outs emHalo 4/em and More

Microsoft's E3 2011 briefing isn't until 9:30 AM Pacific. Someone forgot to tell the guys that, because for a brief moment around 9:30AM Eastern, fans caught a glimpse of Halo 4.


Dance Central 2, Halo 4, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Kinect Star Wars, and more appeared in name only this morning, the links attached to the name leading to error pages. After a quick refresh the page reverted to its original teasing state, but not before I managed to snap a screenshot.

For more news on these games and more, be sure to stay tuned for Microsoft's proper E3 2011 reveal later this morning.


Thanks, Larry for passing along the link!

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Why was this outed on Kotaku? Why not put a *Spoiler* warning on the post? I mean, I'm happy there is going to be a new Halo.... But why spoil it?

Shame on Kotaku. :(