Codemasters is rebooting Grid, the pro racing series that’s been dormant since 2014's Grid: Autosport. The new Grid arrives September 13, 2019.

Kotaku UK's review of Grid Autosport: "A fast but ultimately frustrating racing game that improves on its predecessor in some areas, at the cost of ostracizing anyone but the most devoted of driving game fans."

Here's the first trailer for GRID Autosport, the next installment in Codemasters' racing series. You can read all about the game's features in the blog post accompanying the trailer (including how Autosport has not one, but two in-car camera views). Lands on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on June 27.

And now, courtesy of a recently released trailer, have a small glimpse of Grid 2's "Redefined" multiplayer gameplay. Codemasters' arcade racer is coming out on May 28, with Europe getting it three days later, on May 31.

The new teaser trailer for Grid 2 has got some seriously squealing tires and some seriously flaring lenses.