Why My GRID Review Is Late

Any of you folks have a game genre that you truly want to excel at but can't seem to get the hang of? For me that genre is definitely the driving game. Every time a new, promising driving game comes out I rush to the store, head home, and crash for several hours. The only time I've had even modest success is the Burnout series, and that's only because you are supposed to be a danger to yourself and others.

Witness my early attempts at racing here with Codemasters' new multi-format racer GRID, or Race Driver: GRID for you folks in Europe, who apparently need the extra clarification. It's quite sad, but at least I'm having fun, right? As I mention in the video, look for a full review next week, once I get into the swing of things.

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Mike Fahey

Wow, thanks a lot for all the tips and ridicule guys. Some of it will be extrenely helpful, while most of it will make me cry.

Yeah, I do tend to try and stay as fast as possible...slowing down never actually occured to me.

So break in the straightaway and then accelerate into the turn? I shall attempt it!