The Super-Expensive Special Edition For Grid 2 Hasn't Sold Yet

Illustration for article titled The Super-Expensive Special Edition For emGrid 2/em Hasnt Sold Yet

We've reported about the $190,000 worth Mono Edition for Grid 2, where the added bonus was not just some fancy cosmetic DLC, but a high-performance car. And although the game came out in May, guess what, no one bought this super-special edition yet.

Videogamer points out this in the light of the newly announced special edition for Saints Row IV, that costs a million dollars. I have a feeling that it'll have the same fate, and both will remain publicity stunts—incredibly pricey ones at that.


Remember GRID 2's 125,000 Mono Edition? Nobody Bought It... [Videogamer]

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Are these things allowed on roads?

Disclaimer: I know absoflippinlutely sod all about cars or car laws. I live on an island without roads.