Here are Özil and Thomas Müller, two stars of Germany's national soccer team, acting weird in FIFA. This time their body parts are not glitching through the 5th they're just trying to impress each other.

DeviantART artist HeavyMetalHanzo's Zelda art will bring back the excitement for the Wii U game that was announced last week. He captured the chase scene of the trailer and kept the awesome colorful theme.

There's no escape from the cops in Watch Dogs. Sometimes, they are really determined to catch you!

Hey buddy, forgot your cup. Grabbed from YouTuber Robbaz's compilation, this is one of those Watch Dogs glitches with a happy ending.

Snake has a lot of abilities we haven't seen yet. He is a designated driver after all. The main story in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes might be short, but as you can see there's fun to do.

There's a pretty cool glitchy trick in GTA V that makes planes on the ground take off and chase you around the map. The only thing you need is one of the super cars and a little preparation. It is explained in detail how to pull this off below in this short tutorial, made by the ones who found this bug recently.

The leaf on Totoro's head seems a bit small when he's replaced with a REX from Metal Gear Solid. The iconic scene was reimagined by Dragunovi, and The Omega Nerd added a rain animation to it. Not sure if any bus would stop for these two.

Here's the Crusader's "Steed charge" skill, from Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. That's gotta be one of the most badass-looking skills so far in the game, next to Whirlwind and the Wizards' Disintegrate. Makes me wanna roll a Crusader first when the expansion is out and level that up before my existing characters.