Wrestling Game Or Greatest Super-Hero Game Ever?

One of the WWE series' longstanding virtues is its deep character creation toolkit, which fans have used to create all sorts of wrestlers who don't appear in the main game's roster. Such as Captain America, and Wolverine, and Spider-Man.


Touring the Community Creations tab of WWE 2K14's online menu I found more than 7,000 custom wrestlers shared by users, and that's just on the PS3 version (I have no idea what's on the 360, but I'm betting its huge, too.) Some of the best rated ones are a stable of super heroes, largely the work of one guy, whose PSN ID I'm not listing out of respect for his privacy. But he is fantastic.

I've downloaded like 12 of them, so far, and with the Scene Editor in WWE 2K14's custom storyline mode, you can put them in some absolutely wildass situations. I spent several hours fooling around with it and came away with the feeling I had as an 11 year old, playing with Star Wars men and DC Super Powers figures and the Thundercats in a WWF Superstars wrestling ring.

Let's start with a little DC-on-Marvel crime.

And here's Superman after a big night, when something goes horribly wrong courtesy of Grave Digger.

And Spider-Man and Wolverine don't take kindly to Cap's posturing and self-righteousness.

Finally, here's Batman being thrown through the Spanish Announcer's table by special guest star Wario.

The guy behind most of these has done a lineup that includes the Sub-Mariner, Wonder Man, Doctor Octopus, Thor and even The Constrictor. Others have put up creations like Duke Nukem, Dr. Manhattan and Charizard.

The only drawback is, once you download all these things, they go straight into your roster file—and are immediately scheduled into your WWE Universe unless you change the bouts or delete the performers. [Correction: You can set them to "Inactive" when you select "Edit Rosters" in the menu, and that keeps them out of your Universe.] But right now I'm looking at Iron Man versus Zangief on Raw next Monday.

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I hate the WWF and everything it stands for but this....... this is pretty awesome.