We've got a new Hyrule Warriors trailer recently, with (mostly) Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess characters looking vicious and pulling off some really crazy, unexpected moves. Even the most innocent ones like Agitha are now doing xtreme multi-kills. But it just looks so awesome.

Even in gif form:

Here's Link, pulling out the Master Sword.

Impa's look is one of my favorites.

Lana (sort of a new character), being attacked by Cuccos.

Sheik, pulling off some crazy moves.

Darunia, doing his classic dance from Ocarina of Time.

Here's Princess Ruto.

Midna, beating up everyone with Wolf Link.

Agitha, Princess of Bugs.

Fi and her elegant dancing.

Queen Zelda with the Wind Waker.

And also some enemy characters will appear too, like Ghirahim or Wizro.

gifs via rabology, iambeast, garo-master, smashbrosuniverse

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