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You might think the grand finals are the hardest part of any eSport tournament, but for some players that's not the case. Korean StarCraft II player TaeJa, who—after winning 17 tough matches at Dreamhack—got defeated by the champagne bottle. He was simply unable to open it.


And since it's not the first time something like this happened, a Twitter user called 'DreamHack Champagne' even tweeted about its fourth success.


Here's the whole ceremony. Luckily it was more funny than awkward:

This happens all the time. Sometimes the winners are lucky with the bottle, sometimes not. You could say this is the real final challenge at Dreamhack:

There's even a silly little tutorial for future champions:

Of course, some of the matches were incredible. You should check Dreamhack's YouTube channel (or Twitch) later for the replays when they are finally uploaded.


Dreamhack Summer 2014 - Day 3 Highlights [YouTube, via r/starcraft]

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