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Apr 30

GDC Summer will be a digital event, the organizers announced today. The August 4-6 event was initially planned to be an in-person event in San Francisco. “While we very much look forward to meeting again in person as soon as possible, we are moving forward with a plan to transform GDC Summer into an all-digital event, Read more

Mar 19

The Game Developers Conference has announced GDC Summer, currently set for August 4-6 in San Francisco. The scaled-down event will feature “a new series of microtalks and fireside chats, as well as a dedicated space for comprehensive career development sessions.”

Mar 20 2014

Borderlands 2 on the PS Vita looks... pretty much like you'd expect. Courtesy of YouTuber AtomixVG, here's four minutes' worth of footage of the portable version of Gearbox's loot-happy shooter, straight from this year's Game Developers Conference. Vid's above, enjoy.

Apr 22 2013

The fantastic #1ReasonToBe Game Developers Conference panel is now available to watch for free online. Brenda Romero, Robin Hunicke, Elizabeth Sampat, Mattie Brice, Leigh Alexander and Kim McAuliffe each shared stories of working as women in the video game industry in a galvanizing, often emotional panel that was