Nov 10 2018

The Final Fantasy XIII series—the original, XIII-2, and Lightning Returns—are all heading to Xbox One’s backward compatibility next week, Square Enix said at X018 today. They join the other Final Fantasy classics heading to Xbox One in 2019.

Nov 11 2014

Final Fantasy XIII-2 arrives on Steam December 11, complete with support for 60 frames-per-second and variable display resolutions. The second game in the trilogy is now available for preorder at $17.99. Square Enix has also announced plans to patch support for multiple resolutions into last month's PC release of

May 13 2013

In Japan, Square Enix just announced Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents Selection for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. According to Square Enix, the version is FFXIII-2 plus a selection of the game's post release DLC items. Packed in an original box, this version goes on sale July 18 in Japan. Read more