Classic Final Fantasy PlayStation Games Are Coming To Switch [Update: And Xbox One]

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Decades after Square split from Nintendo to go to PlayStation, the classic Final Fantasy games of that era are heading to the Switch. Final Fantasy VII, IX, X, X-2, and XII are all coming to Switch in 2019.

Update, 7:12 PM Eastern: Square Enix has now said that several of these games are also on their way to Xbox One, including VII, IX, X and X-2, and XII.

Final Fantasy XII will be the recent Zodiac Age remaster, and X and X-2 will be the HD remastered versions as well. I assume that VII and IX will be based on the improved PC versions, but that wasn’t stated.


In addition, Square Enix also said that Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon, the 2007 Wii game, will also come to Switch. (Update: And PS4.) And so is World of Final Fantasy, as a new version called World of Final Fantasy Maxima. (Update: this is also coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC.) 

These join previously-announced projects Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition and the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles HD remaster.

That’s a lot of Final Fantasy, but I know what you’re thinking: Where’s VIII? Additionally, what about all of those Final Fantasy games that appeared on Nintendo hardware? I don’t know either.

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